Our Services
Transaction Management

Our transaction specialists have disciplined processes in place to analyse your space needs, manage the selection process, and weigh the many variables against the business goals you’ve defined. Since we represent tenants exclusively — never landlords or brokers — you can be sure our advice will be conflict-free.Spread over all the segments of office, industrial and land, our transaction experts have disciplined processes in place to analyse your space needs, manage the selection process, and weigh the many variables against the business goals been defined. Since we represent tenants only so be sure of conflict-free advice and execution. From strategic planning, market study, site visits, feasibility and financial analysis, negotiations to documentation closure, our transaction managers will assist the client all the way.

Our transaction management services include:

  • Strategic Planning – We’ll make sure we understand your business goals, and what drives them – where your workforce is located, whether you need flexibility to expand, or what kind of image you want to project. Then, in the context of these goals, we’ll work with you to formulate a real estate strategy to meet them. We’ll help you evaluate your space needs from a work process point of view to make sure you get an efficient, cost-effective solution that fits your unique requirements.
  • Market Study — We’ll consult with your key people about your space requirements, and based on our findings, we’ll identify the various buildings that fit your criteria and budget.
  • Tours — Once we’ve identified potential options, we’ll visit each one, so you can freely discuss the pluses and minuses of each. We put clients in new space every day, and we can tell you about all the intangibles beyond rental rates and lease terms.
  • Feasibility Planning — We’ll help you determine which spaces lend themselves to the configurations you have in mind.
  • Landlord RFPs — We’ll solicit offers from the various landlords, including cost, amenities, tenant allowances, and any incentives that might sweeten the deal.
  • Financial Analysis — With offers in hand, we’ll assess each proposal from a financial standpoint, monetising the various terms and arriving at a recommendation so that you get a true comparison of all costs associated with each option.
  • Offer Negotiation — Once the offers are on the table, we conduct the actual negotiation, using detailed market knowledge to add to your leverage.
  • Lease Negotiation —We have both the experience and the market information to help you and your team negotiate the best possible lease.
Capital Markets

When it comes to financing and monetizing commercial real estate, every organization’s needs are unique — there is no “cookie-cutter” solution.

Our capital markets specialists are skilled at taking the value that’s currently locked into your real estate portfolio — whether leased or owned — and unlocking it, thereby freeing up needed capital. We regularly help clients monetize their long-term leases, often through a sale/leaseback solution that allows them to re-deploy the proceeds elsewhere in the company.

Once we’ve determined the best financial structure for the facility in question, we have a wide range of capital sources at our disposal, both in the traditional real estate markets and in the wider corporate finance markets — Real Estate funds, REITs, high-net-worth individuals, etc.

Advisory & Consulting

We provide market research & consultancy, macro & micro market reports, project feasibility studies, asset valuation, market comparison analysis, lease re-negotiation and other related advisory and consulting services.

We help clients make informed decisions around operations, labor, location, logistics and real estate - aligning a company's operational plan with a forward looking real estate plan, and creating leverage for incentive negotiations.

Rent Review

Our in-depth analytics give you a true understanding of your portfolio and the ability to assess your space needs over time. This information proves invaluable in many ways:

  • Measuring performance — With a clear picture of your portfolio, you can identify which assets are under-performing, and how you might remedy the situation
  • Managing risks — You can assess the consequences of too much space, too little space, and whether you’re in the right kind of space in the right community. Understanding your risks is the first step to mitigating them
  • Assessing occupancy costs — Our analysis can help you arrive at a Total Cost of Occupancy you can use in gauging your space needs going forward
  • Reduce space costs — With workplace culture and technology changing all the time, our methodologies can help you take advantage of the changes that can work for your business
The goal of our methodologies is to make better business sense of your real estate assets, so you can reduce costs without sacrificing either business effectiveness or employee satisfaction.
Project Management

The visualisation, planning, design, construction, fitting out your new workspace is not something you should undertake alone. Our project management team is your assurance that it happens in a creative, timely, cost-effective way.

We are true tenant advocates — we understand that the interests of landlords and developers are not always aligned with yours. We manage the entire process – be it a Build-to-Suit or a tenant fit-out - advising on all issues of program, feasibility, test-fits during site selection. We collaborate with our real estate Advisors during landlord negotiations, maximising allowances, looking out for your interests at every turn. And we make sure you get the workplace environment you pay for — and that your people expect — by taking complete control of the following:

  • Workplace Strategy — develop the program, advise you on options, explore and plan workplace strategies, develop schemes that support your business objectives
  • Project Team Composition — manage the engagement of designers, contractors, voice/data suppliers, workstation, furniture and all other providers 
  • Budget — take charge of projecting/controlling spending for your project, proactively advising you on issues, creating savings that often exceed our fees
  • Schedule — oversee the entire project schedule, informing you of key dates, keeping design, construction and vendor processes running in a timely fashion 
  • Design/Construction – oversee the process to assure that the team works toward common goals to deliver the perfect outcome for your project
  • Coordinate Installs — manage/schedule all owner-controlled vendors, coordinate with the contractor on site to assure seamless deliveries and installs
Industrial Services

Your warehouses are a crucial link in your company’s supply chain — pivot points in the movement of your goods. As such, careful thought must go into both the location and the operational requirements of each industrial space. Our Industrial Services group is unusually adept at finding the right building, without you needing to adjust your requirements.

We look beyond just rent to the equally important costs associated with transportation, fuel, and labor. In short, we combine our considerable real estate savvy with an unmatched understanding of the broader issues of supply chain management.

We provide the full range of integrated services — strategic planning to financing to transaction management to project management — each service accessible from a single point of contact.